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CEO, A UK based fabric technology company


We engaged Chandrashekar Kupperi and his firm, ANOVA Corporate Services Private Limited, around October 2013 to carry out financial analysis of our business. We were very pleased with their ability to refine data provided, add their insights and provide meaningful analysis.

We continue to engage with them on other business matters.

We would recommend Chandrashekar Kupperi and his team without reservation. They have excellent analytical skills with a good commercial sense and bottom line orientation.

Managing Director, A British soap and toiletries company


We were pleased to engage Chandrashekar Kupperi and his firm, ANOVA Corporate Services Private Limited, during February 2013 on a short assignment to analyse certain financial data of a particular business segment. Their work has been valuable to us.

We have also recently engaged them on another project which is of significant importance. Chandrashekar Kupperi is reliable, methodical, and has the right experience, and I am happy to recommend him and his firm, ANOVA Corporate Services Private Limited, who give an awful lot of themselves to every project!

Managing Director, A UK based fragrances company


My first interactions with Chandrashekar Kupperi started in September 2012 when he had come across to the UK to evaluate a business proposition.

Since then, I have been interacting with him on a number of occasions, and engaged his business, ANOVA Corporate Services private Limited, on couple of business matters.

Chandrashekar Kupperi has continuously impressed me with his expertise, accountability and trustworthiness. I would recommend Chandrashekar Kupperi and ANOVA Corporate services Private Limited, and wish him and his team a great success.

Managing Director, An Indian Auto Ancillary manufacturing company


I have known Chandrashekar Kupperi of ANOVA Corporate Services Private Limited since January 2014.

Our work with Chandrashekar Kupperi and his team started around February 2014 and was aimed to help us be prepared for a financial due diligence exercise by a renowned Accounting firm and legal due diligence by a leading Law firm.

We were delighted to work with him and his team as they had in-depth process knowledge which not only resulted in understanding our situation but also helped us identify various parameters and metrics to demonstrate our position as well as take remedial measures.

Their concerted efforts exceeded our expectations in terms of process precision, cost optimization and the promptness with which we accomplished our goals.

we highly recommend Chandrashekar Kupperi and ANOVA corporate Services Private Limited, and we wish them the very best.

CEO, A UK based company in hand-embellished dresses


Given the need to spend my time on operational matters I needed help with managing its growth but I was wary of delegating any administrative responsibilities and concerned with sharing the company's financial information

We started working with Chandrashekar Kupperi and his firm, ANOVA Corporate Services private Limited since January 2015, and certainly their professionalism and credibility calmed any fears that I may have had in outsourcing certain financial functions. Their proficiency and experience has been unsurpassed.

Working with ANOVA has afforded me access to a team skilled in financial analysis, accounting matters and internal controls, as well as the ability to deliberate ideas on strategic aspects, as required.

Co-Founder & Director Operations, ONUS


ANOVA Corporate Services Private Limited has provided excellent services in relation to the business plan preparation and valuation exercise for my company. The ANOVA team demonstrated absolute professionalism. Their deep-dive approach, analytical and number crunching skillsets are commendable.

The team put our business plan into a succinct format to relate with the investors.

We found Shekar very thoughtful and responsive to our needs and easy to work with.

I highly recommend the firm and hope our paths cross again soon.