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Financial Modelling

Financial modelling is an activity to arrive at a mathematical model depicting the performance of an asset or portfolio, project, or any other investment.

Given our larger expertise in Financial modelling services, we can create and update pro-forma financial models. We also conduct sensitivity analysis to understand how changes in key parameters will have impact on the business or investments. Besides sensitivity, we also carry out scenario analysis which provides guidance on impact on financials by incorporating anticipated developments in the business.

The customized financial model becomes a key tool for M&A intelligence and aids in making the right investment decisions. The modelling assignments cover various alternatives such as IPO modelling, Project Finance, Corporate Lending, Acquisition Finance, or LBO's i.e. right from bank feasibility to financial close, including testing of financial covenants stipulated by the lender.

The deliverables include:

  • Complete financial model with custom set of inputs & calculations
  • Keeping the model as clear and simple as possible, with minimal complex formulae.
  • Pro-forma statements with forecasts to five years with monthly/quarterly detail.
  • Relevant charts & reports e.g. potential returns for cash on cash multiple and IRR.
  • Consulting support to explain the model and support it throughout due diligence.