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Business Valuations

Putting a price on something or estimating its worth is never straightforward! With continuous changes in the regulatory and business environment, valuing businesses require understanding and analysis of a variety of complex factors including detailed knowledge of value drivers as well as in-depth industry knowledge.

Essentially, we offer independent advice to boards of directors to help them determine the right price to pay or accept for a business. Thereby, we help evaluate shareholder value for stakeholdersby providing comparatives such as P/E, EBIT, EBITDA, RoE, Cash flow multiples, to the extent possible besides identifying the business synergies. Primarily, the valuation techniques employed include DCF and Multiples.
Our services include the following:

  • Business or equity valuation, fixed asset valuations (in the context of transactions and restructurings).
  • Purchase price allocations for the fair value of assets (tangible/intangible) and liabilities that have been acquired consequent to a transaction
  • Valuations of intangible assets (brands, technology, contracts, human resources, etc.) to assist in fund-raising, financial reporting purposes or internal strategic decision making as well as from taxation perspective as appropriate.
  • Audit support work: Impairment testing/purchase price allocation reviews
  • Strategy related work, such as development/review of business plans, entry/exist strategies, etc.