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Buy-side : Reach us to sell your business or brand (100% or Majority Sale)

We have been approached by Buyers interested to acquire businesses in the following segments, for more details please contact [email protected]

  • Personal Care, OTC Healthcare and Health Food (such as Nutraceuticals, Dietary Supplements, Weight Management) brands having minimum turnover of INR 15 Crores ($2.3 Million) in India, Middle East, SAARC, African regions.
  • Control and Automation / Turnkey Project companies (including Mechanical) in the business for at least 6 years with a turnover range of INR 20 Crores to INR 50 Crores, preferably in the South or West India.
  • A profitable IT / General Staffing company in the business for minimum five years and a turnover in the range of INR 50 Crores to INR 100 Crores.

Sell-side : Reach us to buy business or brand

We have mandates with respective companies to sell the following businesses, For more details please contact [email protected]

  • Project Pulp: An Export oriented company, predominantly involved with Mango Pulp Exports to the Middle Eastern, European and Asian countries for over 25 years. The manufacturing is completely outsourced to 4 reputed Suppliers in South India. Company followsan asset-light, lean management model having long-term engagements with its Clients as well as Suppliers. Turnover of circa INR 14 Crores in FY18.
  • Project Pest: A manufacturer and supplier of Insecticides, Fungicides and Weedicides in dust, granules, WDPS and liquids forms.The factory located in Salem (business suspended since August 2018), likely to be shifted to Madurai. Company has 46 products with valid permanent manufacturing licences, and has been in the business for 25+ years with good brand image. Turnover of circa INR 66 lakhs in FY18 (Expected price INR 2 Crores).
  • Project WtE (Waste-to-Energy): A 2.4MW modern Biogas plant in South India, producing Powerand Fertilizers from organic residues and waste materials. The plant was designed and constructed following German best practice, and has optimized technology and processes to use agricultural waste material that is regionally available (i.e. sugarcane press mud, chicken litter, etc.) as a feedstock for the biogas process. Around 20 employees with the key team members having 4+ years of experience in operations and maintenance of the Plant. Turnover of INR 8.1 Crores (2017) generated from Power and Fertilizer sales.
  • Project Elegance: English Heritage brand with an attractive range of bath & body, hand care and fragrance product categories. Strong presence in retail and wholesale markets in European markets, particularly in the UK and Germany, besides significant opportunities identified for expansion in the Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Turnover of around INR 25 Crores (circa £2.87 Million) during FY18.
  • Project Mechanical: A 15 year old companystarted as a Maintenance Service provider and has become a pioneer in providing Consultancy Solutions and O & M and Technical Services across industries including Petrochemicals, Steel, Power& Refineries. Managed by a Team of 350+ professionals including Managers, Engineers and Skilled Technicians having extensive experience.Presence in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Western India. Key Clients include Reliance Industries, Essar Steel, Tata Steel. Turnover of around INR 10.5 Crores in FY18.
  • Project Build: An ISO 9001-2008certified company manufacturing Material Handling Equipment, Warehouse Automation, Centrifugal Blowers and Special Purpose Machines for over two decades and catering to all – leading Indian Companies, MNCs and Public Sector undertakings.Existing capacity is 15 to 20 Metric Tons per month, which includes Fabrication, Product and Project on a single shift basis. Assets including Plant & Machinery (including Jigs & Fixtures) and intangibles 8 Product Designs & Prototype. Turnover of circa INR 2 Crores in FY18.
  • Project Maintenance: A Facility Management Services company established in 2010, with a strong, diversified experience to the Operations and Maintenance (O&M), Facility-related services and Electro-mechanical services, which are very critical for any office or organization. Presence in three cities across South India, offering both soft services & hard services, with a 250+ experienced team. Turnover of circa INR 3.4 Crores in FY18.
  • Project Taxi:Tech-based booking facilitator of Inter-City Taxis operating since 2013, currently offering Trips to Pondy, Bangalore and major tier-2 cities of TN only.Currently averaging 2500+ unique trips a month, with an innovative one-way pricing model. Fleet size of 180+ including Hatchback, SUV, Sedan & Tempo Traveller. Turnover of circa INR 90 lakhs in FY18.

Equity Investment, Refinancing, Restructuring (who needs funding):

We have mandates with respective companies looking to raise funds in the following segments, For more details please contact [email protected]

  • India’s first Spiritual Concierge service – the start-up is aims to be a one-stop destination for all Spiritual Needs by offering services including Remedy Pujas & Homams, E-Archanai, E-Prasad, Pilgrimage packages, Darshan tickets, as well as exclusive merchandise such as Puja Mandirs through showrooms. Plans to launch Virtual Reality services for temples and gifting option of pujas. Looking to raise seed round of INR 25 lakhs (out of which INR 10 lakhs already committed) for marketing and technology.
  • A new range of Herbal Mosquito Repellents, formulated using herbal / natural ingredients that not only provide maximum repellence against mosquitoes (performance at par with chemical based products), but are also safe to use for all age groups. Product formats include Herbal Mosquito Liquid Vaporizer Refill & Combi Pack (Refill+Machine), Herbal Mosquito Coils, Herbal Incense Sticks & Herbal Chalks. Achieved Sales of INR 80+ lakhs in Aug-2018, mainly from TN, AP, Karnataka & Odisha. Looking to raise USD 500k (INR 3.5 Crores) for marketing and expansion.
  • An IoT / Telematics device enabling Real-time, Remote Temperature Monitoring and Alert system of temperature sensitive products during Storage & Transit. A smart, portable device with in-built power and two-way communication capability, that can save millions in costs by enabling ‘Corrective Action’ and preventing losses due to temperature excursions. Sold 40+ devices in India till date and is targeting Middle-East and Far-East countries for exports (successful product pilots in Vietnam, Singapore & Kuwait). Looking to raise USD 150k (INR 1 Crore) towards marketing and building team and inventory for expansion.
  • A technology-driven platform (Mobile App & Web Portal) for Home Healthcare that serves as a one stop solution for patients to easily choose from Accredited Labs, offering the convenience of making a choice based on location, cost of test, quality and turnaround time. Patients also enjoy the added luxury of safe & hygienic ‘Sample Collection’ from their homes and have them delivered to a preferred lab by well-trained Phlebotomists. Tie-ups with 33+ labs across 2 cities, 1,200+ lab tests conducted with over 38% from repeat / referrals. Looking to raise USD 3 million for expansion and marketing.
  • A ‘RedBus’ of Custom Clothing bringing organization to the unorganized boutiques segment in India which suffer due to lower client retention, workflow inefficiencies and limited market reach. The solution unfolds in three phases – (1) CRM & ERP solutions to streamline the operations (already launched and signed up 120+ clients across 3 cities in South India), (2) a discovery platform for customers to search for boutiques based on location, pricing, specialists in each category, customer rating / feedback, etc., and (3) by enabling e-commerce through Mobile App (commission-based orders). Looking for funding to the tune of USD 150k (INR 1 Crore) towards product / technology strengthening and sales & marketing.
  • A game-inspired range of Men’s Personal Care products including Body Spray, EDT and Shower Gel (yet to be launched). Designed unique product packaging (Design Registered in India, Turkey & UK) and created a well-differentiated brand image to attract consumers, given the 100% awareness and popularity of Cricket sport in India. Looking for a Strategic Partner, who has an established distribution reach Pan India, hence providing the necessary platform to reach the brand potential (within the country as well as across other cricket-playing nations), besides investment support.
  • A Sports Talent ecosystem that connects aspiring athletes / sports persons to their stakeholders (including schools, academies, coaches, fitness specialists, sponsors and certifying institutes) on a single tech platform, thereby creating a complete 360-degree marketplace for sporting talent. Through its analytics-based technology platform, it can help secure important resources for sportspersons and provide easy access to high-quality coaches, venues and sponsors – all of which are imperative for honing skills and improving performance. Roped in celebritybrand ambassadors/ Mentors. Looking to raise USD 3 million (circa INR 20 Crores) towards operations, sales & marketing.
  • A fast casual dining restaurant brand, currently having one outlet. The Founder had conceived this idea as a ‘kiosk’ model way back in 2006 and ran the ‘kiosk’ model until 2014 with 130+ kiosks across South India. He then decided to transform the model to a ‘fast casual dining’ format. Current monthly sales run rate is INR 13 lakhs+, with excellent ratings on Social Media & Food Delivery platforms. Looking to raise USD 1 million for expansion.
  • A Healthy / Functional Food & Beverages brand created based ontraditional/natural ingredients having natural remedial properties and immense health benefits to prevent or manage lifestyle disorders including Acidity, Diabetes, Obesity& Cardiac Ailments. Launched 31 SKUs across categories till date, sold in Chennai via offline & online channels. Achieved Sales of c. INR 1 Crore (USD 150k) in 2017-18 (with minimal marketing efforts) and is targeting INR 2.4 Crores for 2018-19P (USD 300k+). Looking to raise USD 300k (INR 2 Crores) towards product / technology strengthening and sales & marketing.
  • A Premium Hygiene and Wellness brand providing solution to urban women for their daily hygiene and sanitation needs. Product range includes Hand Sanitizers, Toilet Seat Sanitizers, Body Mist, Shower Gels and Hand Wash, and these are manufactured (as well as formulated) in-house. Currently being sold via various online channels and plans to scale through 50+ offline channels underway. Looking to raise up to USD 150k (INR 1 Crore) for marketing and expansion plans.
  • An online platform that brings together artists, artistes and their seekers around the world, with an aim to promote networking and help scout for opportunities from potential employers. Aiming to be the ‘Linkedin’ for Artists, the platform currently has a user base of 25,000+ with 42% being outside India (165+ countries). In talks with institutes / academies in the field of art for collaborations; key tie-ups include MESC (Media & Entertainment Skills Council), NFAI (National Film Archive of India), International Film Festival of India, etc. Looking to raise circa USD 300k (INR 2 Crores) for technology and marketing.
  • A tech-based platform for occasion-centric Rent-on-Demand Fashion, aiming to be a one-stop shop for all occasion wear including Women’s Fashion Jewellery, Clothing and Accessories as well as Men’s Clothing. It provides access to a wide variety of fashion jewellery / clothing at a fraction (1/10th) of the price, at the convenience of the consumers. It aims to make luxury fashion affordable to all, by creating a strong connect with Customers through Omni-channel (Online & Offline) presence. Looking to raise funding of INR 2 Crores (USD 300k) towards marketing and expansion.

*Some mandates are already in place while we have consciously deferred certain other mandates until we get suitable targets/acquirer.