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Current Open Transactions - Businesses for Buy and Sell

ANOVA Corporate Services provides specialized services in the areas of:

Buy-side: Reach us to sell your business or brand (100% or Majority Sale)

Sell-side: Reach us to buy business or brand

Equity Investment, Refinancing, Restructuring and Funding

1. How Businesses can be buy / sell?

Businesses can be sold either in open market or by appointing Advisors having the relevant of experience in analysing and understanding the commercial aspects of any business. Open market deals are successful only when the buyer is knowledgeable in the key aspects of a business. However, when a buyer or seller wants more options to evaluate a better business deal, it is worthwhile to appoint an Advisor who will be able to objectively evaluate the pros and cons and help make decisions.

2. How we can help them?

We help buyers and sellers by identifying their strengths and weakness, besides opportunities and threats in the market. We commercially evaluate the business proposals and submit reports on the likelihood of a successful transaction. We also help arrive at the right value for any business through “Valuation” services. More importantly, we help them channelize their efforts towards the optimal option.

3. Benefits of buy / sell through us:

Our biggest strength is our ability to appreciate any business with a wholesome approach. We understand the markets and can provide a calculated-risk scenario which is easy to decide upon for both the buyers and sellers. For first-time investors with a lot of enthusiasm, we can be the objective eye. For the risk-averse investors, we can establish thresholds and thumb-rules to make them confident about investing in the right businesses. Our fees are nominal and we provide end-to-end support throughout the deal-flow. We are neutral in our opinions, and we diligently represent our Client’s interests and work towards their best interests.

4. Countries where we can provide business solutions.

We facilitate deals in India as well as abroad, and co-ordinate with our associates on need basis.